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About Us

At Safir Fruits we grow, produce and market the best varieties of fruits and vegetables all over the world. We work hand in hand with the best producers in Spain, guaranteeing to export the best product, thanks to our own quality controls.

In addition, we also have fields of our own agricultural production, located in different geographical areas of the Spanish territory, which also allow us to produce various varieties of fruits and vegetables.

We cultivate. we produce and export, throughout the year, a wide range of fruits and vegetables all over the world.

With our desire to always obtain the highest quality in our products, at Safir fruits we have developed our own exhaustive quality control, which guarantees us to give the best quality of fruits and vegetables to the final consumer.

We are always on time.

Thanks to the coordination of our logistics team with our producers and quality controllers, we guarantee that our clients receive them in the established times and with the maximum freshness of the product.

We are one of the largest fruit and vegetable production and distribution companies in Spain.

Thanks to teamwork with our producer partners, we form one of the largest platforms for the marketing and distribution of fruits and fresh products in Spain.

We ensure the continuous supply of our products, 365 days a year.

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