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About Us

About Us

At Safir Fruits we grow, produce and market the best varieties of fruits and vegetables all over the world. We work hand in hand with the best producers in Spain, guaranteeing to export the best product, thanks to our own quality controls.

In addition, we also have fields of our own agricultural production, located in different geographical areas of the Spanish territory, which also allow us to produce various varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Business values


Entrepreneurship is making what you are passionate about in life is fundamental, so that you can get the most out of it and make it evolve.

In this way, Safir Fruits Sl was born in 2010, specializing in the fruit and vegetable export sector.

Achieving positive and satisfactory results requires efforts at all levels

  • Working together with producers and taking care of our clients requires a lot of effort,
  • Forming a team takes a lot of work.

Commitment and Trust

Collaboration and responsibility are key factors in building trust in relationships and commitment over time.

Without an environment of trust, you cannot have an environment conducive to healthy interpersonal relationships.

Years of experience in the sector together with our style of doing business have allowed us to have committed producers and loyal customers.

Innovation and Quality

The high competitiveness of today’s markets is a challenge.

The companies with the best results are those that best adapt to the circumstances, having to face an increasingly global, dynamic, and demanding market, which feeds on new technologies and requires constant updating and seriousness without limits

Through know-how and innovation, we offer an optimal quality service and we manage to maintain a high market share.

Export Volume

The synergy between all the values that define us allows that with the passage of time the expansion of the company has been more and more noticeable. Located in the Valencian Community, one of the strategic and most important points of Spain, Safir Fruits SL has a presence in many countries.

Reaching a large volume of business has been possible since we also work with the best:

  • Our producers have a high productive capacity
  • Our clients have the best position in each market.
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