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Adapted to maintain the optimum temperature Refrigeration and control of temperature, humidity, and specific ventilation for each merchandise.

Ideal for transporting perishable goods.

Capacity up to 29,520 kg

Temperature recording during the journey.

Remote control from the departure of the loading place to the arrival at the destination.


Maximum transit time: 48h.

Ease of access to destinations, has no physical barriers.

Refrigeration equipment to ensure optimal conditions.
They have materials for the protection of the most sensitive merchandise.

Wider fuselage than commercial or mixed aircraft to increase cargo volume and allow entry of bulky cargo.

Ground delivery

Safir Fruits has a fleet of land transport of fruits and vegetables, which comply with all the norms, laws and national and international agreements that establish the obligation to comply with conditions, (such as maintaining control of the temperature, packaging, use vehicles, among others).

The Spanish government is the one that must ensure that national transport and logistics companies comply with all the above conditions.

Compliance with sanitary standards in all phases such as handling, handling, packaging, and transportation of perishable food to ensure that no problems occur in the logistics chain. In this way, it is ensured that the food reaches consumers in good condition. In addition, compliance with the proper transport of fruits and vegetables is legislated and regulated by multiple national and international regulations.

We have high availability of equipment for the loads.

We track the merchandise.

We control the conditions of the merchandise before and during the journey.

Loads adapted to the different ports of departure and destination.

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